"When we can overcome self doubt and fear of the unknown we will
surpass even our greatest dreams"
I use Periodization Training as the foundation for all my programs. This is the most effective
training to prevent plateaus in fitness goals. All programs will facilitate body fat loss and
cardiovascular  conditioning.

Body Weight Training
*For those who prefer to build strength and stamina using little to no equipment

Functional Fitness Training
*  Perfect for those who are new to fitness and/or recovering from injuries or birth of a child

Free Weight Training
* Utilizes Dumbbells, Resistance Bands & Medicine Balls to help you develop the physique you
are working towards

Muscle Endurance Training
*Increases cardiovascular Endurance
*Increases Muscle Endurance to build Strength & Stamina
*Creates Sleek Toned Muscles

Muscle Building (Mass) Training
*Creates full firm muscles & Strength

Cardio Conditioning Training
*Creates strong and healthy hearts

Additional Services:
Internet & In Person

I will help you by designing  fitness and nutritional plans that meet your personal needs.

Menu Plans ~ Fitness Coaching~ Nutritional Coaching

"I believe that people WANT to be healthy and make positive changes in their lives- My
greatest desire is to be a part of that change. "

"Being fit is not about becoming a body builder, its about becoming the best YOU that you
can become."
Training by Traci